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As the soft sounds of your favorite classical melody float through the air of your living room, you sit back and embrace the subtle notes. The pure joy that comes from world class piano music, whether you enjoy the classics, modern jazz or blues techniques comes from a deeper appreciation for the techniques, qualities and ideas underlying the music.

Whether you are a beginning player or an intermediate musician looking to take your playing to the next level, improving your physical ability to play the instrument along with gaining an intuitive understanding of music can enhance your overall enjoyment of music. Students of all ages can benefit from a well designed, self pacing piano instruction course to elevate their understanding and musical skills to new heights.

One of the major questions for those considering piano lessons is the time and costs involved with starting a new course of study. Our guides help you identify the leading piano courses on the market to identify which course is ideal for your age, playing level, musical interests and long term goals so you can make an informed decision. Finding the right music course can make learning fun, affordable and flexible enough for nearly any schedule, so piano lessons can enrich your life, no matter what your starting point is.

How Our Reviews Help You Master Piano Music

Before you make a purchase decision for your next self study piano course, it's important to consider a broad set of criterion. The right music course can make a world of difference and our real world insights into the leading courses on the market can help you make better decisions to get more out of your studies. If you have a young child in young child in your home, you can actually make learning fun again to encourage him or her to truly begin exploring music. At the same time, you can bring learning to life for students of all ages, including yourself, with the right course.

The same principles from high quality private music instruction apply to self study courses, allowing you to master a broad set of musical ideas on your own schedule. Save time, money and scheduling conflicts by investing in a leady self paced interactive musical course which allows:

Piano Review

Learn & Master Piano is unmatched by any other piano lesson course we have seen to date. The course is very extensive and very easy to follow. The course contains fourteen DVDs, five play-along CDs and a 104 page book. The instructor Legacy Learning System has hired for the course is grammy award winning piano player Will Barrow. Will Barrow is a highly skilled pianist who's resume includes singing, composing and piano instruction. Read Full Review

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Learn and master piano
Price: $100

The Rocket Piano course is a series of eBooks, games, and mp3 audio files. The ebooks that come with this course cover a very wide range of lessons. They eBooks offer instruction for beginners, intermediate and advanced players Read Full Review

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Rocket piano
Price: $100

Learning to play piano by pattern is a great way to begin exploring broader musical learning concepts, and Piano by Pattern brings these principles to life for beginning and intermediate students. A well done video course which features tutorials ranging from basic, beginning concepts to intermediate musical lessons, we give Piano by Pattern 3 stars for its high quality videos and well thought out content. While the set could benefit from additional sources of information, such as a workbook, the set is a good option for those looking for a supplemental learning set. Read Full Review

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Piano by pattern
Price: $100

A great course designed for beginners and children up to an intermediate level, Piano is Fun is a well-done course for early stage players. The software is designed for PC users and comes with a variety of user-friendly tutorials to help master the basics of piano playing. With its intuitive, friendly interface, the course provides a great learning opportunity for young players to truly integrate themselves into the world of music. Read Full Review

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Piano Is Fun
Price: $100

An integrated online music education course, we give Instrument Master only two stars because it doesn’t match up to the quality of other online programs such as Rocket Piano. Instrument Master gives you access to online lessons in both written (PDF) and streaming video format which provide a comprehensive approach to learning, although the production quality is not high. While the site does offer a good value with lifetime access at an affordable price, other courses are recommended for those who want a professional learning experience. Read Full Review

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Instrument master
Price: $100
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